Manzanita buys beans that taste delicious. period. We find the juiciest, sweetest beans we can. We don’t buy based on certifications and never will. Sometimes our beans may be called fair-trade or organic but buying directly from small farmers is more important to us, and a better "global farmer's market" approach, in our opinion. There is traceability, communication, transparency, and quality hand-tended beans from small farmers. They can't afford fancy certification that large farms can and they don't need to. We know how they farm and the way they take care of their beans, that's what matters. We may pay a bit more for their beans but it's their livelyhood and we want to see them, their families and their community thrive too.  Also, much as good wines represent the terroir they are sourced from, our small batch coffee beans represent the unique farms, climates and countries they come from.  We're going to let the beans speak for themselves from there.

In a nutshell, we're basically Earth-loving hippies that roast coffee...  Maintaining sustainability with our roasting has been really important to us since we began in 2015. Not just lip-sevice but actually practicing it from the farm to the cup. We roast our beans using the most innovative, environmentally friendly coffee roaster on the market, made in California by LORING and with this,  we’re able to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by 80%. After roasting, all of our by-product, chaff and coffee waste gets composted and put back into the soil of the family vineyards our roaster is located on. Even the biodegradable filters we use in testing our coffees, the cupping waste and coffee gets composted along with the grounds. Happy coffee, happy farmers. Happy planet. Cheers to that. :) 

In our cafe, you'll find that all of our ingredients are made onsite or sourced from local suppliers, bakers and creaters. Our coffee bags are made into totes, our flavorings made in-house from scratch. It all tastes better, feels better and maintains more authenticity that way. That's basically what we do. If you have any questions, drop us a line at We're happy to get you more information.

Happy sipping,     ~ Weston and Sam