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Burundi Long Miles Project, Natural

Burundi Long Miles Project, Natural

$ 17.00

We've been patiently waiting for this coffee to arrive from Burundi, through the Long Miles Project, and it's finally here after traveling by land and sea! The Long Miles Project is a labor of love, started by an American family living in Burundi that have a passion for supporting small farmers producing some of the best coffees in the world, in a country that has long been struggling with political turmoil, civil war and human rights issues for years. Burundi coffee is sort of the Cinderella of coffee, long been ignored, misused and under-valued, while it's some of the most flavorful and unique coffee in the world. 
Ben and Kristy Carlson and their children live in Burundi and faithfully facilitate the relationship between farmer and roaster, helping Burundi farmers get their beans washed and purchased by roasters like ourselves that appreciate the care that goes into it and don't mind the time it takes to get it. Ben and Kristy built the Heza Washing station so they could control the quality as well as make sure the farmers got paid fairly and quickly for their beans. Living in Burundi amid civil war, gas shortages and political unrest can be challenging, but Ben and Kristy have a strong faith and determination to share the gift of Burundi coffee and to truly support and care for the well being of the people that produce it. This is the true meaning of direct trade coffee and we're honored to partner with The Long Mile Project. We recommend following them on instagram and see their daily life in the Heart of Africa. 

Country: Burundi | Region: Gitwe Hill, Matongo Commune | Varietal: Bourbon

Harvest Date: Current  Lot: 11197 

Process: Natural  | Altitude: 1960m

Notes:  Cherry Turnovers