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Colombia David Gomez 100% Caturra

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This small lot comes from David Gomez Farm called El Balso.  From the Huila department from the Hamlet of Sante Fe.  The farm size is 2ha which is just under 5 acres.  This was harvesting around September 2017.  Fermentaiton was 17 hours, and drying time took 12 days.

Blind Assessment:
Crisply sweet, spice-toned. Dried papaya, caramel, tangerine zest, pink-peppercorn, vanilla in aroma and cup. High-toned, sweetly tart in structure with juicy, bright acidity; though satiny-smooth mouthfeel. The resonant, richly drying finish is laden with sweet notes of caramel and papaya in the short, turning more savory-leaning in the long, with hints of pink peppercorn wrapped in vanilla.
The Bottom Line: Engaging Colombia cup with impressively juicy, bright acidity and zesty, spice-toned aromatics.

Country: Colombia | Region: Huila  | Varietal: 100% Caturra

Grower: David Gomez Farm Name: El Balso

Process: Washed |Altitude: 1900 masl

Notes: Creamy and Tangy! Think Orange and Lemon Creamsicle Swirl!