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Anderacha Espresso Roast

$ 22.00
Our Espresso Roast on the Anderache, which we are currently using in our cafe.
Roasted a touch longer to bring out a deep richness
2019 BRONZE Medal at the Golden Bean Awards
The Anderacha lots were uniquely processed and we had utilized cherry fermentation prior to processing which contributed to sweetness, complexity, a body with depth and incredible balance. 
At Abana:
- Demonstrate sustainable business practices by paying fair wages and respecting all partners.
- Implement coffee education and training on picking, sorting, and different processing methods to improve quality.
- Focus on the environment by utilizing water efficient machinery and preserving the beautiful forest in which we work.
- Carry out impactful social programs including facilitating medical projects, investing in infrastructure, and more.
The name Anderacha comes from a river that boarders our estate. This river get very large during the rainy season and is a source of life and nutrients for our community and eco-system.

Country: Ethiopia | Region: Gera, Limu   | Process: Natural | Varietal: Heirloom [Metu Bishari Selections, Gera Selections, Merdacheriko]  | Altitude: 1933 - 2200  masl | Harvest Oct '18 - Jan '19 

Notes: Peach, Cacao Nibs, Viscous