The 1+1 Subscription

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The 1+1 Manzanita Choice Subscription!

1 Lb of El Gaucho Espresso + 1 Lb of Single Origin Coffee and Free Shipping! Get In!

We created the 1+1 subscription from requests of some of our friends (Kurt and Sam to name them.. thanks gentlemen for the brilliant idea!]  The 1+1 Subscription is for those folks that love the faithful and chocolatey El gaucho on their home espresso machine but also enjoy pour overs or other nerdy single origin coffees. It's getting the best of both worlds!

The way this works.. You'll get a for the single origin from a selection of our current lighter roasted coffees in the roaster. Sometimes it's what is already listed on our website, sometimes it's a bean that's in such a small special lot that we don't have enough of it to share with the whole world! The goal is to bring you delicious coffee regularly and get you some cool nerdy single origins to thank you for being a subscriber!   

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