El Salvador Loma La Gloria Black Honey Process

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We're excited to again have our friend and farmer Anny Ruth's coffee again, from her family farm, Finca Loma la Gloria.

Look no further, coffee enthusiasts who appreciate the intricate nuances and exceptional taste of honey-processed coffees, this ones right up your alley. This Black honey processed Red Bourbon bean has a sweet and diverse flavor profile of hazelnuts and pralines.

What's a honey process? First of all, it has nothing to do with actual honey, and bees.  As with any honey processed coffee, it all happens in the processing of the cherry after harvest.  (That's what we actually call coffee beans, so we're getting nerdy with you). The outside cherry peel is removed while some flesh around the cherry is left to cling to the bean during drying.  Black Honey is the most complex and laborious honey processed cherry (bean), where the most amount of the sticky sweet mucilage is left on during drying.  Black honey processed coffees are sweet, aromatic and complex.

Finca Loma La Gloria is located in the San Salvador region in El Boquerón on the slopes of The San Salvador volcano crater. Run by the Pimentel family, they produce Pacamara and Bourbon beans. They farm derives a myriad of profiles from their coffee beans by using multiple green bean processes, including Natural, Yellow Honey, Red Honey and Black Honey. 

Country: El Salvador | Region: El Boqueron | Process: Black Honey | Varietal: Red Bourbon | Farm: Loma La Gloria | Atitude: 15o0masl | 

 Notes: Hazelnut & Pralines


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