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Team Manzanita Choice Subscription for Corporate Offices!

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Your choice of a 1 lb or a big 5lb Bag, depending on how bigga coffee drinkers you are, and if you're going to share. This will be one of our lighter roasters and seasonal special blends that we release well... seasonally.

Other Options include adding a 5lb bag of El Gaucho, our popular house blend and crowd pleaser.

We love roasting single origin coffees with care, to bring out the sweetness and fruit. We'll choose from a selection of our current lighter roasted single origin coffees to ship to you. Sometimes its what is already listed on our website, sometimes maybe a bean that's in such a small special lot that we don't have enough of it to share with the whole world! The goal is to bring you delicious coffee regularly, to you and your office crew.

Comes in 1lb bag or one big 5lb Bag


Team Manzanita

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